KAMLOOPS, September 30, 2018 – Over fifty student leaders gathered on campus on the weekend for a day of sessions that prepared them to represent their peers in the university.

The Student Caucus is the student voice in decision-making at Thompson Rivers University. Its members serve as student representatives on all university committees from the Board of Governors and administrative committees to the Senate to Faculty Councils.

“It is exciting to begin our work with this group of engaged student leaders,” said Tatiana Gilbert, Students’ Union President, “These students have committed to serve their community and build our university together.”

The Orientation provided everything that student representatives need to be successful. This included practical skills of getting organized as a team and participating in formal meetings. Student representatives also learned about the history and current practice of university governance and current issues at TRU.

“From this strong starting point, Student Caucus members will be ready to take on campus issues that matter to students,” continued Gilbert, “and to support students in becoming more engaged themselves.”

Student Caucus members will be attending their first university governance meetings this month, and will continue to meet as a team throughout the year. Stay up to date with their work here.

For more information, contact:

Tatiana Gilbert
Alex McLellan
Governance Coordinator