Classroom Maintenace

The Student Caucus regrets to report that a recommendation from the Student Budget Consultation Report 2017/18 for a classroom maintenance plan has so far been dismissed.

Students identified classrooms as a priority area for improvement. One recommendation was that TRU create a multi-year classroom maintenance and upgrade plan that prioritizes classroom and building renovations in order to ensure a comparable quality of learning environment for all students.

“Students expressed clear concerns about the quality of classroom environments in a number of buildings,” said Brian Chiduuro, President and Student Caucus Chair, “and we expect that TRU would have or make plans to manage this critical infrastructure.”

Unfortunately, TRU planning falls short of this expectation. Vice President Administration and Finance, Matt Milovick initially stated that, “Facilities already does this [maintenance planning]. Improvements are dependent upon limited maintenance budgets and competing campus priorities.” However, when a copy of the most recent classroom maintenance and upgrade plan was requested, Milovick simply explained that, “TRU’s ‘plan’ for classroom maintenance and upgrading is to paint, repair or replace flooring… on an as-needed basis.”

On the other hand, Administration is pursuing new construction, and highlighted a project being considered to create a new classroom building that would replace older classrooms in Old Main. While this has potential to provide improved spaces, a detailed plan has not yet been developed. It would require approval and funding before getting underway in the years ahead.

“It is disappointing that TRU would dismiss critical concerns about learning environments such as noise and temperature control,” Chiduuro continued, “As TRU continues to build, we expect more care for existing spaces than the occasional coat of paint.”

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Brian Chiduuro
Student Caucus Chair
Alex McLellan
University Governance Coordinator
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