In the Student Budget Consultation, students identified study space as a priority for improvement this year – and in two previous years. Over this time, the Students’ Union has developed a study space upgrade project with the Campus Infrastructure department to tackle your top challenges.

These issues have included a lack of study space, particularly quiet space, and management to ensure spaces are used appropriately. Better design and amenities in study spaces such as scale, lighting, colour, sound reduction, varied seating, and electrical outlets are also desired. Finally, students want these spaces to be better maintained and cleaned to ensure they continue to be useful.

In 2019, TRU developed a six ‘zone’ study space system with each type of zone branded distinctly and a website to easily find appropriate spaces. Within this system, initial upgrades were made to the House of Learning in the summer. The Students’ Union then partnered with Campus Infrastructure to consult students on building-by-building study space upgrades, starting with the International Building. (Unfortunately, COVID-19 has delayed further progress for now.)

In 2020/21, TRU has committed to continue increasing the amount of study space with a focus on quiet space. Signage, literature, and staff monitoring will be used to encourage and enforce expected behaviours, and cleanliness will be stepped up from both janitorial and food service staff. Finally, TRU will continue working with the Students’ Union to consult you as buildings you use are renovated to improve study space!

Recommendation: Provide adequate study space, particularly quiet space

TRU Response: TRU will

  • Continue to increase the number of seats and areas for study space
  • Continue to consult with TRUSU and students throughout all phases of the study space upgrades initiated in 2019
  • Implement quiet zones where it is feasible
Recommendation: Improve study space management

TRU Response: TRU will

  • Provide literature and signage indicating acceptable noise levels and expectations in study areas
  • Instruct Security to watch for nuisance behavior
  • Look into electronic options for noise level monitoring
  • Encourage Library staff to monitor noise levels
  • Provide literature and signage indicating acceptable noise levels in the study zones
Recommendation: Improve student space design

TRU Response: TRU will

  • Continue to consult with TRUSU and students throughout all phases of the study space upgrades initiated in 2019
  • Use “atmosphere” as a driver and consult with TRUSU when updating existing or constructing new study spaces
  • Ensure designs adhere to best practices of health and wellness guidelines
Recommendation: Improve the cleanliness and maintenance of study spaces and amenities

TRU Response:

  • Instruct janitorial staff to increase rounds in study spaces
  • Provide literature reminding students to be respectful and clean up after themselves
  • Work with Ancillary Services to have table maintenance included near study areas where food service is provided
  • Increase number of zero waste stations so they can be more easily accessed for students

To see the full response to your priorities on study space:

To stay up-to-date on all of TRU’s responses to your priorities, check out the Student Budget Consultation webpage!