Starting on January 16, 2019 the TRUSU Equity Committee launched the Women of TRU project to raise awareness about gender issues in academia or on campus and to provide a space for women to share their stories and experiences with gender inequity. Over the subsequent weeks the Committee shared social media profiles of 7 diverse women students, faculty, and staff at TRU who are confronting and overcoming different gender barriers and discrimination.

We would like to thank these women for speaking about these important issues and publicly sharing their stories:

  • Alicia Ashcroft: Writer & Storyteller, Faculty of Student Development
  • Dana Eye: Student, Masters of Environmental Science
  • Chris Adam: Dean of Students
  • Patience Nyoka: Student, Finance & Marketing
  • Nicole Stanchfield: Student, Sociology & Psychology
  • Miranda Pham: Events Coordinator, TRU Wolfpack
  • Dr. Christine Bovis-Cnossen, Provost & Vice President Academic

“I was so pleased we reached over 34,000 people with these social media profiles and started many conversations amongst campus community members about gender issues in academia,” said Vice President Equity Sierra Rae.

Finally, on March 8, International Women’s Day, the Equity Committee hosted a wrap-up discussion with the women who participated in the project, and others interested in gender equity to create a list of the main takeaways from the project to pass on to TRU senior administration for consideration.

“Overall, we heard that improving mentorship for women, continuing to address sexual violence, including marginalized women better, improving child and elder care, improving promotion, tenure and pay equity, and improving respect for women in male-dominated areas are the biggest priority areas,” Rae concluded.

View our letter to TRU summarizing the project here.

Click here to see our January post launching the project.

For more Information: 

Sierra Rae
Vice President Equity

Dylan Robinson
Equity Coordinator



Women of TRU:

Alicia Ashcroft

Dana Eye

Christine Adam

Patience Nyoka

Nicole Stanchfield

Miranda Pham

Dr. Christine Bovis-Cnossen