The TRUSU Equity Committee is pleased to launch our project “Women of TRU: Overcoming Gender Barriers” to raise awareness about gender issues in academia or on campus and provide a space for women to share their stories.

Over the next few weeks the Committee will be sharing the experiences of women students, faculty, and staff at TRU confronting and overcoming gender barriers and discrimination. Often the most powerful way to spark change is to hear directly from folks negatively impacted by unfair treatment. Accordingly, this project will provide a space and platform for women to speak with the power and authority of their own voice about their own story.

While the women participating in this project come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, they all share a commitment to making our campus a more equitable place for every women regardless of what they look like, who they are, or what they believe. 

You can help us in this goal by sharing the stories of women we will be presenting over the next few weeks and helping spread the word. You can also join the Committee on March 8th, International Women’s Day, to participate in a wrap-up discussion about gender barriers in academia and on campus, the diverse perspectives raised by women participating in this project, and the opportunities we have as individuals and a community to make TRU more equitable for women.

For information, contact:

Sierra Rae 
Vice President Equity
Dylan Robinson 
Equity Coordinator

About the Equity Committee

The TRUSU Equity Committee is a group of eight elected and appointed students who work to raise awareness about the systemic oppression of marginalized groups in society, and to challenge that oppression on campus.