Amnesty International is a Non-Governmental human rights Organization that addresses injustices faced in all corners of the world. Amnesty International hosts a Network called “Urgent Actions” that lists current human rights issues that are needing action taken by authorities/officials to be resolved. Amnesty urges people to use the issue-based information to join over 500,000 people sending letters to support the protection of people from human rights violations. Joining the Urgent Actions Network folks will be provided with all the tools needed to take part in a collective action to addressing injustices and make equitable change in another person’s life. 

The Students’ Union has joined the Urgent Actions Network and is committed to taking regular action to address some of the human rights issues highlighted by Amnesty. The Urgent Actions Network allows for TRUSU to expand on our current solidarity work to create a larger international impact that knows no borders. As part of this commitment, the Union will be sending an Urgent Action letter every 2 weeks to support the fight to protect people worldwide that are experiencing Human Rights violations!  


Below, you can browse through recent issues that the Union has sent letters requesting for Urgent Actions to be taken. 

Issue Date
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If you have questions about the Unions participation in the Amnesty International Urgent Actions, Contact the Equity Coordinator.  

Did you know that you can be part of the change too? Visit Amnesty International Urgent Actions for more information on how you can join the Network and start requesting urgent actions today!