Every full and part-time student enrolled in a course at Thompson Rivers University is a dues-paying member of the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union. These dues are billed by the institution and transferred to the Students’ Union on a semesterly basis where they are pooled to fund the advocacy, services, and entertainment provided by your Students’ Union.

Membership Fees

Please see the complete Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union membership fee breakdown below. If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@trusu.ca or come by the Students’ Union office located in the Students’ Union Building

Academic Full Time Academic Part Time Vocational Full Time Vocational Part Time
Operating Fee $75/semester $40/semester $12.50/month $6.25/month
Building Fee $20/semester $10.64/semester $3.34/month $1.67/month
Health and Dental Plan Fee $248/plan year N/A $248/plan year N/A
UPASS Fee $64.30/semester

Other Student Organization Fees

As a student at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops you are also a member of the Canadian Federation of Students, the Omega Newspaper, the Cariboo ChildCare Society, and the Campus Radio Station. The other fees for each additional student organization are outlined below. Contact these organizations for further information about their budgets and annual audits.

Organization Academic Vocational Full Time Vocational Part Time
British Columbia Federation of Students  1.02¢/credit  $2.04/month $1.02/month
Cariboo Childcare Society  17¢/credit  34¢/month  17¢/month
Omega Newspaper  64¢/credit $1.50/month 62¢/month
Radio Station  75¢/credit $1.50/month 70¢/month