Serving as a student representative for your university can be incredibly difficult. Your peers are counting on you to participate in important institutional decisions and share your perspective on their behalf. It may also be your first time participating on a university committee. Unlike other campus stakeholders, many of whom have a network of colleagues with whom they can share ideas, students are separated from each other by their program and the length of their education. For students who are ready to get involved in their campus’s decision-making, these barriers to participation can initially be overwhelming.

That’s why the Union created the Student Caucus program, to ensure student representatives can connect, learn about their roles and responsibilities, and receive the support they need to succeed. The program currently supports over ninety student representatives across decision-making bodies in TRU’s governance by providing regular student caucus gatherings, skill-building workshops, informational briefings, and one-on-one support. 

Student Caucus members are invited to participate in providing feedback to the university, attend meetings of TRU’s governing bodies, and contribute ideas within their selected committee. Student representatives present proposals, vote on outcomes, and may even assist in the facilitation of meetings. Within a communal governance system, students are equal participants to faculty, staff, and administrators, sharing an important perspective and lived experience to ensure decisions are made with the impact in mind. 

The Student Caucus also works to advance collegial governance at TRU by working collaboratively with committee chairs, supports, and administrators. Resources, committee support, and training are offered regularly to the broader campus community to endorse practices of good governance and enhance meaningful participation. 

To learn more about how you can apply for the Student Caucus or access our support resources, please contact our University Affairs Coordinator. 

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