To assist students with the everyday rising costs of basic needs, the Students’ Union hosts a Campus Clothing Exchange where students can access second hand clothing at no cost. Clothing donations are collected from the community and students can visit our weeklong Pop-Up Shop to find the clothing they need. In addition to assisting students, the Campus Clothing Exchange promotes and encourages the broader community to engage in sustainable clothing practises that limit the amount of textiles that end up in our local landfills. 

During the month of January, the Students’ Union solicits clothing donations from the campus and broader community. Once the collection closes, the Students’ Union sorts through all the donations and sets up a Pop-Up Shop that is held in the Student Union Building during the first full work week of February. At the Pop-Up Shop, students can expect to browse through clothing in a wide range of sizes and styles, such as: business wear, outdoor wear, casual wear, activewear and much more.  

It is our goal to give away all the donations during the week of operation, but we recognize that cannot always happen. In the name of sustainable practice and supporting the initiatives of other local organizations, any leftover clothing from the Pop-Up Shop will be re-donated to local community organizations that are accepting donations.  

If you have questions about the Campus Clothing Exchange, please contact the Equity Coordinator. 

Upcoming Clothing Exchange Events

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