Every year TRUSU hosts the Common Voices Lecture Series to bring the community together and have an engaging learning experience outside the confines of the classroom.

We bring world-renowned speakers, free of charge, to members and the Kamloops community to address some of the most important and interesting topics of our times. We believe that breaking down the walls of the ivory tower to engage our community in economic, social justice, artistic, political, sustainability, and other critical conversations is the mark of an excellent university. It is amazing how often we discover, no matter the topic, that our community speaks with Common Voices!

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Upcoming Events

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Past Speakers Include
Hayley Wickenheiser “Being Female in a Male Dominated Sport” Winter 2023
Dr. Brian Goldman “Will Someone Please Invent an App for That?” Winter 2019
Terry O’Reilly “Jump the Fence: The Power of Counterintuitive Thinking” Winter 2018
Naomi Klein “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate” Winter 2017
Richard Florida  “The Creative Class”  Fall 2015
Cornel West “Justice: What Love Looks Like in Public” Winter 2015
Jane Goodall “Hope for the Planet” Winter 2014
Margaret Atwood  “Zombies and the Future of Humanity” Winter 2013
Peter Mansbridge  “Canadians Internationally” Winter 2012
Phil Fontaine “Truth and Reconciliation” Winter 2011
Stephen Lewis “The Millennium Development Goals” Winter 2010
Avi Lewis “Understanding the Financial Crisis” Fall 2009
Michael Geist   “Copyright in the Public Interest” Winter 2009
Thomas Homer-Dixon  “Climate Change and Canadian Innovation” Fall 2007
David Suzuki  “Climate Change and Sustainability” Fall 2006