The TRUSU UPASS is an unlimited transit pass for the City of Kamloops provided to every TRU Student. The UPASS allows you to get to and from classes, work, school, and more at a low cost to both your bank account and the environment. IT also provides you with a 50 per cent discount to a monthly membership to the Tournament Capital Centre and free access to the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.

Getting your UPASS

Getting your UPASS is easy. Every member of the Students’ Union is already automatically assessed the UPASS fee when they register in any course. To activate your UPASS for that semester you just need to bring your student card to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building and have it activated for the semester.

Opting Out of the UPASS

Some students are eligible to opt-out of the UPASS. If you are eligible and would like to opt-out of the UPASS you must complete an opt-out form available online during the opt-out window for the upcoming semester. After confirming your opt-out eligibility, the Students’ Union will credit your myTRU account for the costs of the UPASS for that semester. You will need to provide your information as well as a copy of your course registration data form for the semester you are opting-out of. Can’t find your course registration data form? Check out the video below.

Who Qualifies for an Opt-Out?

There are four categories under which you can qualify for a UPASS opt-out:

  1. You are enrolled in a program that is seven (7) weeks long or less;
  2. You are enrolled in an off-campus practicum or co-op program that is seven (7) weeks or longer;
  3. Your primary residence for the period of study is outside of the Kamloops Transit Area Boundaries;
  4. You have a disability services bus pass issued by the province.
Semester Opt-Out Window  Opt-Out Form
Summer 2023 Academic Students
April 1, 2023 – May 21, 2023 Academic Student Opt-Out
Fall 2023 Academic Students
August 1, 2023 – September 18, 2023
Winter 2024 Academic Students
December 1, 2023 – January 16, 2024
Vocational Students Vocational (Trades) students must opt-out of the UPASS within thirty (30) days of the start of their program. Vocational Student Opt-Out

For more information regarding the UPASS opt-out eligibility please contact the Services Coordinator via email at upass@trusu.ca.

How to Find Your Course Registration Data Form

Can I opt-in?

If you are not taking classes in a semester but were enrolled in classes for the previous semester you can opt-in to the UPASS. Just come by the Members Services Desk. You will have to pay the current UPASS fee and a $75 opt-in membership fee to be activated for the semester.