As a result of COVID-19, BC Transit has cancelled the UPASS program for the summer semester (May 01 – August 31, 2020) province-wide. Transit service in Kamloops is currently operating with no fares, rear door entrance only, and mandatory social distancing; however, should fares be reinstated at any point over the summer then students will need to opt-in to access the UPASS by following the procedures below. For up to date changes to the UPASS program and other COVID-19 related services visit our newsfeed.

– updated April 27, 2020

UPASS LogoThe TRUSU UPASS is an unlimited transit pass for the City of Kamloops provided to every student enrolled at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. The UPASS allows you to get to and from classes, work, school, and more at a low cost to both your bank account and the environment. The UPASS also provides you with a 50% discount to a monthly membership to the Tournament Capital Centre and free access to the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.

Getting your UPASS

Getting your UPASS is easy. Every member of the Students’ Union is assessed a fee of $56.75 per semester for this service. This is compared to the $212 you would have to spend for four monthly passes per semester– that’s $483 in savings for a full year of study! Just bring your student card to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building and we will activate your UPASS for the semester.

Opting-Out of the UPASS

Some students are eligible to opt-out of the UPASS. If you are eligible and would like to opt-out of the UPASS you must fill out an opt-out forms available online below or at the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building. After confirming your eligibility, the Students’ Union will credit your myTRU account for the costs of the UPASS.  You must opt-out within 30 days of your program start date. Any opt-out forms received after this 30-day window will be denied.

To opt-out, print off the UPASS Opt-Out Form; from the website or pick one up from the front desk. After completing the form, attach your Course Registration Data Form and a copy of a piece of photo BC identification. On your Course Registration Data Form we need to be able to see the charges to your account to ensure that you were charged for the UPASS. Your BC ID will need to contain your address if you live outside the transit service area. Incomplete applications will be denied.

Who Qualifies for a UPASS Opt-Out?

There are four categories under which you can qualify for a UPASS opt-out:

  1. You spend the majority of the semester (seven weeks) off campus
  2. You are enrolled in a program that is less than six weeks
  3. Your primary residence is outside of the Kamloops Transit Area
  4. You have a disability services bus pass that is issued by the province

For more information please contact the Services Coordinator via email at

Can I opt-in to the UPASS?

If you are not taking classes over the summer semester, but were enrolled in classes for the previous semester you can opt-in to the UPASS for the summer semester. Just come by the Members Services Desk with your student card and a copy of the previous semester’s course registration form. You will have to pay the $56.75 UPASS fee and a $75 opt-in membership fee. That gets you unlimited transit access from May 1st until August 30th!

If you are taking classes over the summer and have already paid a membership fee then you will just have to pay the $56.75 UPASS fee to opt-in.