TRUSU Clubs are a great way to get involved in your campus and community, and make some new friends!  Whether it’s supporting each other academically, sharing a common interest, making a difference, or hosting an event, clubs are a vibrant part of the university experience. There are over 90 TRUSU Clubs active on campus, from wilderness activities and snowboarding to French and social work! There really is a club for everyone!

Attending Clubs Day is a great way to find the club for you. Because there are a wide variety of campus clubs, many will set up information tables where you can check out what they do as an organization, and what they have in store for the year. Whether you get involved by signing up or just find out about a great event that you want to attend, Clubs Day is a great opportunity to meet other students and get a feel of the campus!

Clubs day takes place in September each year outside of old main. Check out our online calendar for details about upcoming events. 


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