Clubs Day is hosted in September each year outside Old Main in order to give members an efficient way to find out about opportunities to engage with fellow students by joining a TRUSU Club. A wide variety of campus clubs set up information tables where you can check out what they do as an organization, and what they have in store for the year. Whether you get involved by signing up or just find out about an interesting event that you want to attend, Clubs Day is a great opportunity to meet other students and get a feel for campus life.

TRUSU Clubs are a great way to get involved in your campus and community, and make new friends and connections!  Whether it’s supporting each other academically, celebrating a common interest, making a difference, or hosting an event, clubs are a vibrant part of the university experience. There are over 50 TRUSU Clubs active on campus, from wilderness activities and snowboarding to French and social work. There really is a club for everyone!

Clubs Day (Fall 2020)

Given the current environment, we have had to change Clubs Day for Fall 2020 from its normal resource fair to a series Virtual Club Information Nights. We will host individual information night with each club that registers (one club at a time) to ensure students and clubs have an opportunity to connect and engage in an interactive experience. Clubs will be able to choose a night between September 16, 2020 and October 28, 2020 to cohost an Information Night with TRUSU on Zoom to promote their upcoming activities and recruit new members. Each information night will have a brief presentation about the hosting club’s activities, a Q & A session, and information on how to join the club.

If your club would like to sign-up for a virtual clubs night please complete the registration form here.

More Information

To find out more about what entertainment events the Students’ Union has coming up check out the Events Calendar!

For more information about whether a cohosted virtual club night is right for your club contact the Entertainment Coordinator.

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