Clubs Day is one of our flagship events to welcome students to campus! It is also your chance to physically explore our growing community of 100+ TRUSU student clubs at the start of the TRU academic year in September. 

At the Clubs Day, you’ll have the opportunity to find clubs that match your interests and sign up for the ones that catch your eye. All the tables are hosted by representatives of each club (students just like you), so you’ll have the chance to chat directly with club leaders and learn what it’s like to be involved in a club and work out a plan to leave a legacy long after you’ve graduated. 

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Clubs Day 2024

Clubs Day 2024

Sep 11, 2024    
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Explore more than 100 TRUSU Clubs and build a community of students who share your interests at TRU!

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