The Students’ Union hosts the Women of TRU program with the intention to bring awareness to the oppression that women faced historically and the generational impacts that continue into today. We ask the campus community to reflect on the women they know who are jumping over hurdles to be in the spaces they hold. The strides women on campus are making in their respective fields are to be celebrated. By highlighting the pivotal roles women hold in our university community it is our hope that it will be empowering for the women who come afterwards.

Leading up to International Women’s Day, the Students’ Union annually recognizes seven exceptional Women that are part of the TRU Community. These women are nominated by the members of TRU and chosen for the ways in which they have inspired campus with their leadership, influence, and passions. On March 08, we gather for our International Women’s Day Celebration Lunch, that is dedicated to give recognition to the seven women and their chosen local organizations that will receive a donation from the Student Union.  

It is an honour for the Union to formally recognize, each year, the incredible women that we have here at TRU; and it is as equally honouring to be able to extend that recognition and appreciation to our local Kamloops organizations. Below, you can meet the Women of TRU for this year and in years prior! 

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