Why Start a Club?

TRUSU Clubs enhance the quality of campus life and contribute positively to the educational experience for students at Thompson Rivers University. Clubs are a great way to get involved, meet, and get to know other students who share a common interest, hobby, culture, religion, or political belief system. Starting a club can also be a great way to build your leadership skills during your university experience.

Before you register a club, check the TRUSU Clubs Directory to see if there is already a club that serves your interests to join. If there is one, connect with them to get involved! We will not register clubs if a similar club already exists. If there are no pre-existing clubs to join, and your idea for the club is unique, then you are ready to apply to register a TRUSU Club!

How do you apply to be a TRUSU Club?

The club year runs from August 1st to July 31st each year. You can register a new club at any point throughout the term, however you are not eligible to access any club services until your clubs has been fully registered which requires the following:

  • You have submitted a complete registration form with two student signing authorities.
  • Both your signing authorities have attended a club leader orientation meeting (scheduled when you complete your registration form).
  • Your club registration form has been reviewed and ratified by the TRUSU Services Committee.

What do I need to complete a registration form?

The registration form can be completed online. To complete the form, you need:

  • The name of your club (must start with ‘TRUSU’ and cannot include ‘TRU’ or ‘Thompson Rivers University’)
  • A description of the purpose and goals of your club.
  • The links for any contact or social media channels for your club.
  • Two students who have been selected to serve as the official representatives of your club and their personal contact information.
  • A time when both signing authorities can attend an orientation meeting (in person or virtual options).
  • The name and contact information of your faculty or staff advisor (if applicable).
  • Your club logo (if applicable).

Complete the Registration Form Now

Need help?

If you need help with your application or have any questions, please contact our Clubs Resource Person by email or schedule an appointment below.