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The Equity Committee organizes activities to advance the Union’s vision of a society where every student can equitably access a high quality post-secondary education regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, political belief, or country of origin.

We work to put this vision into practice by raising awareness about the diversity of these equity groups and eliminating discriminatory policies and beliefs against these groups in two ways:

  1. Hosting outreach events to educate the community about particular equity groups. For example, our annual Story Tellers Gala celebrates the Aboriginal community and informs attendees about issues of ongoing discrimination against Aboriginal peoples.
  2.  Addressing campus equity issues by changing policies, facilities, services, or beliefs that negatively impact equity groups. For example, in 2015 we worked with TRU to create a campus multi-faith prayer space to respect the fulfillment of students, faculty, and staffs’ religious beliefs.

If you want to join us in raising awareness about equity groups and working towards a more equitable community, then click the buttons above to find out how you can get involved!