As entities of the TRU Students’ Union, all officially recognized TRUSU Clubs are covered under TRUSU’s general liability insurance. This means that you can organize and partake in club activities and events with the reassurance of knowing that both you and your activities are covered in the case of unforeseen events. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about insurance coverage for your club at

Club Insurance Certificates

From time to time your club may be asked by a vendor or contractor to provide proof of insurance to book a space or enter into an agreement. Please note that you will need to provide the full details and accompanying documents related to your event for review by the insurer in order to receive an insurance certificate and that this process will take takes seven (7) business days to complete. To request a proof of insurance certificate from the Union please contact

Club Activity Waiver Forms

As discussed in your mandatory club orientation there are several instances in which clubs are required to have participants complete a Club Activity Waiver Form in order to participate in a club activity. Further, to better protect you as a club leader your club may wish to voluntarily have participants in a club activity complete a waiver form before participating. To have a custom waiver form developed for your Club Activity please email