Over the last few months, the TRU Students’ Union worked alongside TRU Facilities and Residences to align the North Tower, McGill Housing, East Village, and West Gate residences with the provincial Leading Practices for Student Housing Agreements. The Leading Practices were set through a collaborative process of input from student associations and universities across BC, forming a set of guidelines for student housing agreements based on the best examples of student rental support from universities across BC.  

Together we reviewed the Leading Practices to identify if we were already meeting, exceeding, or how we would potentially meet each of the recommendations. These included an evaluation of the rules and regulations around evictions, housing appeals, issue resolutions, maintenance, unit moves, rental increases, and contract timelines.  

For sections 2-8 we confirmed our alignment with the Leading Practices and discussed several opportunities for improvement to the current TRU Community Living Standards Agreement and Student Residence Agreements. Further recommendations included additions to the TRU Transition Guidelines, additional maintenance information provisions for students, the creation and support of a housing appeals committee, the development of a displaced student protocol, and updates to the current housing portal request system.   

Are you living in student housing here at TRU and interested in sharing feedback about your experience? In spring 2023 the TRU Students’ Union, Facilities, and Residences will be hosting four consultation sessions with the McGill, North Tower, East Village, and West Gate residents. Stay tuned to our page for dates and registration. 

If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact: 

Sierra Rae
University Affairs Coordinator