The TRUSU Equity Committee Is hosting a Campus Clothing Exchange this February to provide an accessible place on campus to find sustainably sourced clothing. With this event we hope to kickstart a conversation around the importance of sustainable practises for getting rid of unwanted clothing. We encourage the TRU Community to take a sustainable action and donate their unwanted clothing to the Campus Clothing Exchange to avoid filling up our local landfills with textiles. With all the clothing collected we will be setting up shop in the student union building for students to pick through the sustainably sourced clothing that was collected. 

Considerations with donating:  

  • Warm clothing, outdoor Jackets and pants, Hats and Mitts, professional wear, and everyday wear. 
  • It is clean and still wearable for another person. 

If you are interested in donating, the drop off bins are in the TRUSU Building, across from Membership Services Desk and you can stop by anytime during the weekdays from 8am-10pm and weekends from 10am-10pm.  

We will be accepting donations throughout the whole month of January so that we are able to be as flexible as possible for collecting donations. Any leftover clothing that was not taken at the event will be donated afterwards to a local community group that is taking donations. 

We thank you; the students thank you, and the earth thanks you for your clothing donations!