In fall 2022 TRU World put forward a proposal to increase international student tuition fees by 20-25% over the next three years. They withdrew this proposal, and the TRU Students’ Union released a report calling on TRU to create a 2% cap on international student tuition fees, reduce the initial tuition deposit, and extend payment calendar deadlines. To read our full response, click here 

We presented our report to the TRU Board of Governors in December 2022, recommending that TRU investigate meeting the best practices of other comparable universities on tuition deposits and payment calendar extensions. Additionally, we requested that TRU cap international student tuition fees due to large institutional surpluses, the premium international students already pay to access education, and inflationary concerns many students are facing for both housing and food security. We were excited to see many students attend this presentation and support our response.  

Following our presentation, the Budget Committee of Senate reviewed and approved a proposal that would result in a lower increase of 6.9% for September 2023, with two years following of increases matching the consumer price index (CPI). Additionally, the proposal outlined a legacy tuition model, which would result in all incoming students to pay the same amount for each year; making it easier for students to budget their full cost of education. On February 24, 2023, the TRU Board of Governors met and approved a 6.9% increase for September 2023. 

Additionally, TRU World has agreed to work with us to investigate the necessary improvements for the tuition deposit amounts and payment calendar extensions.

“We are optimistic to update the tuition deposits and payment calendars, but acknowledge we need to continue working to regulate international student tuition fee increases” International Student Representative Jannat Bhullar said, “As of now we have reached out to the BC Government to set up a meeting with them to discuss the importance of international student tuition fee caps.”   

For questions or comments, please contact: 

Sierra Rae
University Affairs Coordinator

Jannat Bhullar
International Students’ Representative