On April 30th, five members of the Student Caucus attended a consultation to discuss the future of the TRU Library’s services and student support. External consultants met with the selected students to ask them to share their individual experiences in using the space, resources, and online services of the Library.  

During the session, Student Caucus members discussed four priorities: the accessibility of online library databases, the importance of open-access books and materials, the allocation of on-campus space, and the value of course-based library workshops. Students highlighted the importance of the resources they currently use and shared several recommendations for the Library to consider.  

Following consultation sessions with all stakeholders, the external consultants will provide a written report for the Library to be incorporated into a comprehensive action plan.  

“The TRU Library consultation session was a great opportunity to share valuable insights and ideas for improvement within the services that students access. As the Library develops its action plan, we’re looking forward to seeing the inclusion of student voices,” said Jannat Bhullar, University Affairs Committee Executive Member.  

For more information contact

Jannat Bhullar
University Affairs Committee Executive Member

Sierra Rae
University Affairs Coordinator

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