The TRU Students’ Union (TRUSU) is pleased to announce that we are in the process of meeting with the new Kamloops City Councillors and Mayor to share priorities for 2023 on behalf of students. We believe it is essential for the city to understand the needs and concerns of its student population, and we are committed to ensuring that our members voices are heard. 

“I am proud of the efforts of our team in compiling this document and presenting it to the City Councillors,” said Vice-President External Azul-Sky Billy. “Our students deserve to have their voices heard, and I am confident that this document will assist in making that happen.” 

As part of this initiative, we have produced a written submission outlining our priorities for the coming year. This document includes recommendations on key issues such as affordable housing, public transit, and community vibrancy. We believe that these issues are vital for the well-being and success of TRU students, and we are committed to collaborating with City Council to address them. 

“We are excited to hear the perspectives of city councillors on strategies to address areas like housing and community vibrancy,” continued Billy. “We hope to work together to find a common project to move forward in the community.” 

Click here to read our 2023 municipal priorities submission.

For more information contact: 

Leif Douglass
Campaigns Coordinator
Azul-Sky Billy
Vice President External