On November 29, 2022, the TRU Students’ Union released a report calling on TRU to reduce the tuition deposit international students pay, extend tuition payment deadlines, and cap international student tuition fee increases at 2%.

The report is in response to a proposal provided by the TRU World department to the TRU Board of Governors on October 07, 2022, calling for a drastic 20% increase to undergraduate fees and 25% increase to graduate fees. This proposal was postponed until the December 09, 2022, TRU Board of Governors meeting.

“We are glad that TRU decided to withdraw their drastic proposal to increase international student tuition fees and are considering other alternative options. The October 7th proposal was highly problematic for several reasons,” said Jannat Bhullar, International Students’ Representative, “We’ve worked hard to develop an alternative strategy that better aligns with TRU’s Vision, and we are excited to present our recommendations to the TRU Board of Governors at their next meeting on December 9th, 2022.”

Our Recommendations

Reduce the tuition deposit amount and extend payment deadlines

Cap increases to international student tuition fees at 2%

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Jannat Bhullar
International Students’ Representative

Sierra Rae
University Affairs Coordinator