On June 12, 2024, members of the Students’ Union presented a request to increase the number and availability of microwaves across our campus community to the University Space Planning Committee (USPC) . 

Following the presentation, the USPC committed to making improvements and will be moving forward with investigating new locations for additional microwaves as well as upgrading current offerings over the summer. 

Prior to presenting the request, members of the Union mapped the current locations of TRU microwaves and tracked their condition and availability. Of the eight sites found, six had limited access and were only available to a select group of students. Several microwaves were unclean, lacked signage, or were in poor working order. Recommendations were made to investigate upgrading current offerings, improve cleanliness, and add new microwave locations. 

“Although it might seem small, issues like these can have a big impact on a student’s experience. We are very excited to receive this commitment and believe this is an approachable solution that will benefit our community long-term, ” said Jaekyeong Park, University Affairs Committee Representative. 

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For more information contact: 

Jannat Bhullar
University Affairs Executive 
TRU Students’ Union 

Sierra Rae
University Affairs Coordinator 
TRU Students’ Union