For the most part, our experiences at TRU and in Kamloops are enjoyable, but there are bound to be some challenges or conflicts. If you have encountered one of these situations, the Students’ Union is committed to providing guidance and assistance though our Members Advocate Service.

The Members Advocate provides students with support in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attain their educational and professional aspirations. We understand that you may encounter both academic and non-academic issues that negatively affect your success. The Members Advocate provides services based on the needs of its students. Whether it’s about being on academic probation to experiencing discrimination on campus; we are here to make sure that you are valued and supported along the journey.

The Members’ Advocate is your source of information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a student, tenant, worker, and individual. Whatever issue you confront, the Advocate will help you find a solution.

Complete the form below to set up a meeting with the Members’ Advocate. 

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