TRUSU says that we need 25 words minimum to create a club description. But ours only needs two: “BE FUNNY”. And what’s really interesting about this sentence is that it brings us over 25 words. Crazy. (Upon careful consideration, we at the Thompson Rivers University Student’s Union Comedy Club (TRUSUCC) apologize for the brief and vague club description. In order to better service aspiring comedians, we will provide a club description that is deep, rich, plentiful, and otherwise bountiful, if not bounteous, or crawling with, information, or, for the purpose of simplicity and the pursuit of not wasting anyone’s time, abbreviated as “info”. Webster’s dictionary defines “Comedy” as: 1) A: a medieval narrative that ends happily B: a literary work written in a comic style or treating a comic theme 2) A: a drama of light and amusing character and typically with a happy ending B: the genre of dramatic literature dealing with the comic or with the serious in a light or satirical manner 3) a ludicrous or farcical event or series of events 4) A: the comic element B: humorous entertainment. Despite the abundance of definitions for “Comedy”, we are primarily concerned with definition 4b: “humorous entertainment”. That is not to say that elements from definitions 1a through 4a are to be excluded in all forms during this club’s operation. However, the definition we choose to embody within our club name (Thompson Rivers University Student’s Union Comedy Club (TRUSUCC)) does indeed lend itself to definition 4b. It must be said however that despite the brief definition of “humorous entertainment”, do not let its blunt nature fool you and take advantage of your frontal, parietal, temporal, or any of your lobes that may subject your consciousness with false ideas surrounding a vision of boring and monotonous entertainment. Nay, I say. TRUSUCC will bring an ever so refreshing and never before seen concoction of escapism, bringing comedy of the “sketch” variant, the “stand-up” variant, the “impr Just a moment – I profusely apologize for this interruption. My colleague’s have just informed me that I have been neglecting my responsibilities while writing this club description. As such, I must temporarily tend to my primary profession as a Court Reporter. THE COURT: Alright, seems like our reporter is back with us. Let’s get back on track. MR. BARLOW: Anyway, what I’ve been trying to tell ‘ya is that I killed them. THE COURT: What? MR. BARLOW: Yeah, I like, super killed them, man. Deliberately, I’m not even going for second degree murder or- or manslaughter here. Like it was first degree. Hard, hard first. THE COURT: Please, Mr. Barlow, I need- MR BARLOW: Like do not get me wrong, it- it was premeditated, and I planned that for like… two months? No, three. Three months. And I thought really long and hard about it too, but it was always like a loud “yes, yes” in my head. Here look, look at these photos I took the night of, look: [Mr. Barlow shows a series of photos to the court. First, a picture of himself holding a sign that says: “I AM GOING TO KILL MR. AND MRS. HENDERSON”. Second, a picture of himself standing in front of a bloodied truck, holding a sign that says: “LOOK WHAT MR. AND MRS. HENDERSON DID TO MY TRUCK, I SHOULD REALLY CONFRONT THEM ABOUT IT. OH WAIT, I DID, THEY ARE DEAD, AND THEY ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF ME.” The text is nearly ineligible presumably due to Mr. Barlow quickly running out of space on his sign.] THE COURT: Well, I guess that settles it, then. [END OF TRANSCRIPT] Anywho, before I was interrupted by double homicide, TRUSUCC will bring comedy of the “sketch” variant, the “stand-up” variant, the “improv” variant, and even the “fake news article” variant to your otherwise mundane existence. That is not to say that entertainment to be enjoyed at TRUSUCC will exclusively follow these four variants of comedy. They are simply the first four that I could think of off the top of my head, for it is currently 10:49 PM on New Year’s Eve, the world is allegedly about to turn 2023 years old* and I am… tired. For more information, please visit: *This number is disputed: References: Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Comedy. In dictionary. Retrieved December 30, 2022, from

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