Poems and Proses

Photography Club

The TRUSU photography club operates with the goal to connect students who share a passion for photography. We welcome both digital and film photographers to come join us for photowalks. Continue reading

Baking Club

TRUSU Baking Club has the the simple objective of baking, an artful blend of science and creativity, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people across cultures and generations. Continue reading

Parents on Campus Club

Our mission is to unite parents/caregivers who are in pursuit of higher education, in order to build networks of support for those who are raising children/youth while studying. We hope Continue reading

Curling Club

The TRUSU Curling Club aims to promote sport and community through curling. We have a weekly social league that brings together many new and experienced curlers. You don’t need to Continue reading

Poems and Proses Club

We are a vibrant community of passionate writers and literature enthusiasts at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). Our club provides a supportive and creative space for students to explore the world Continue reading

Women in Engineering Club

This club is for women in the engineering discipline. Its aim is to support women in the program by organizing events that create opportunities to connect, socialize and build engineering Continue reading

Sales Club

Discover an amazing chance to boost your skills! Join us as we dive into the world of salesmanship – a skill that can help you succeed in your career and Continue reading

Inner Magic Club

TRUSU Inner Magic was formed to help students come together to manifest their dreams into reality. It helps students explore the outdoor world or Kamloops by going on hikes and Continue reading

Drumming Club

We offer a safe space for all people to come share, learn and practice drumming and singing. We look forward to seeing you in our weekly singing and upcoming cultural Continue reading

TRUSU Dance Club

The main agenda of the club is to gather people from all around the university to enjoy dancing, release stress, and spread awareness of different dance forms. This group will Continue reading

Comedy Club

TRUSU says that we need 25 words minimum to create a club description. But ours only needs two: “BE FUNNY”. And what’s really interesting about this sentence is that it Continue reading

Chess Club

Introducing the “TRU Knights & Queens Chess Club” at Thompson Rivers University! Embark on a journey of strategy, intellect, and camaraderie with the launch of the TRU Knights & Queens Continue reading

Law Oral Advocacy Club

Welcome to the Law Oral Advocacy Club! A place where you can practice your oral advocacy skills in a trial-like setting. We provide you with written facts from actual Supreme Continue reading

TRUSU Management Club

Management Consulting Club

To network and grow with like-minded individuals whilst identifying and incubating the skills fundamental to the consulting recruitment process and profession. This aims to be achieved through the following avenues: Continue reading