Each year the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union gives out awards to students who have demonstrated excellence in addressing the strategic priorities of the Union in their service to the community. The awards seek to recognize those students who have gone above and beyond and whose everyday actions demonstrate the values and commitment that make Thompson Rivers University a worldwide destination. Awards of Excellence are given for:

  • Empowering students to participate as engaged citizens
  • Supporting students in achieving their educational or professional aspirations
  • Advocating for students by building political will or advancing a policy in the interests of students
  • Fostering campus life by hosting extracurricular activities that establish social cohesion and develop a sense of belonging

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 TRUSU Awards of Excellence!

Student Empowerment Awards

Denzel Marican

Denzel received this award for his work in the leadership of the Hygiene for Homeless Club and its initiatives and its initiatives. As one of the co-founders of the club Denzel was part of creating several opportunities for students to raise awareness about and engage in supporting the unhoused.

Olivia McLennan

Olivia received this award for her work in founding and leading the motionballU club creating an avenue for students learn about and support the Special Olympics. Not only did Olivia found an important and unique club but she built models of funding and a leadership as well as a team that will carry on long after she is gone.

Student Support Awards

Kendra Hewson

Kendra received this award for her work in the execution of the Deans Cup Moot and for her leadership in the TRU Law Oral Advocacy Club. Kendra’s work with the club created several opportunities for students to enhance and develop their courtroom advocacy skills which are an important part of  a contemporary legal education and an opportunity many students were excited about being able to participate in.

Faisal Huda

Faisal received this award for his work in hosting the Fundamentals of Deep Learning event through his leadership in the Data Science Club. Events like this allow students to have access to extracurricular learning opportunities that greatly enhance their educational experience and augment their program/degree curriculum.

Student Advocate Awards

Shams Khan

Shams received this award for his advocacy work on the Student Empowerment Through Research Integrity initiative. This advocacy work was crucial in bringing about policy change around research integrity and best practices around academic integrity at TRU.

Campus Life Awards

Madison Hughes

Madison received this award for her work on the leadership team of the TRU Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society. This club gave students on campus and community experience with wildlife policy development, management practices, research, and career information.

Bensley Pierre

Bensley received this award for his work in establishing the OuiSpeak French Club. The OuiSpeak French Club was a great new club that served an important role on campus in assisting in developing French language skills, hosted many great activities, and was a great addition to the TRUSU clubs community.

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