At the TRU Board of Governors meeting on February 23, 2024, Governors voted to increase international student tuition fees by 5%.

“It’s disappointing to see the results of this decision, particularly because TRU decided to increase fees by 5% rather than the inflation rate for 2023, which was published at 3.9%,” said Anika Jovner, International Students’ Representative.

The Union continues to call on TRU to cap international student tuition fee increases at 2% to align with domestic student increases. International students already pay a premium to access their education here at TRU, and unregulated increases ensure that students will face additional and unprecedented financial challenges each year.

“Given the new federal cap on international student tuition permits and uncertainty about the future, we need to recognize the risks of our current strategy,” said Shariyer Chowdhury, a TRU Governor. “We have an unsustainable reliance on international student tuition fees as additional revenue.”

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Anika Joyner
International Students’ Representative
Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union

Sierra Rae
University Affairs Coordinator 
Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union