Clubs ratified by the Students’ Union have the option to utilize a club bank account. Club banking means that you do not have to leave campus to do your banking and you will never be charged service fees. This also ensures that clubs are accountable for their funds as all club accounts are submitted to the same audit procedures as the Students’ Union.

Club Banking Withdrawals

To access funds, the club signing authorities must submit a Club Cheque Request Form available here. All submissions must be completed in Adobe Acrobat and submitted by one of the two signing authorities responsible for your club. Please submit your completed cheque requisition form with all applicable receipts to as attachments. You can either take a clear photo of your receipt or a scanned copy.

All receipts must:

  • Show the individual expenses incurred and any included taxes. A receipt showing only a credit card or debit card transaction is not acceptable.
  • Copies must be legible and include the entire receipt. Images that are not clear or have parts of the receipt cut off will not be accepted.

Club signing authorities also have the option to pick up a form at the members’ services desk in the Students’ Union Building. The cheque requisition must include either receipts or invoices for your club’s purchase, a description of the purchase, and the signatures of both the club signing authorities.

You will receive an email confirmation when your cheque is available for pickup or mailed to your requested payee.

Club Banking Deposits

To deposit funds into your club bank account your club must fill out the Club Deposit Form found on the website or at the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building. This form does not require the signatures of both club signing authorities, but it does require the signature and contact information of the individual making the deposit. Deposits can be made at the Members Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building.

If you currently have a club cheque or bank draft that needs to be deposited but do not have access to campus please contact the clubs resource person to coordinate this process.