Over the last year, the Union has been working alongside select TRU governing bodies to create new opportunities for students to participate in campus decision-making as committee co-chairs. The Union is excited to announce that in fall 2023, a new co-chair position will be piloted with the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee. This position will be recruited for along with the existing student co-chair positions on the TRU Makerspace Advisory Committee and the Student Success Committee.  

These positions offer both TRU and students an opportunity to support a community-focused governance model and to ensure meaningful student participation. Comprised by selected members of the Student Caucus, student co-chairs take on a leadership role beyond shared facilitation, often supporting other student participation and providing regular reports. All student representatives who are selected to serve on committees are oriented, trained, informed, and supported throughout their Student Caucus term.  

“The experience of being involved as a student co-chair has helped me build confidence in the skills to chair a meeting and in the ability to assist other student representatives.” shared Yashasvi Sharma, the student co-chair on the Student Success Committee. “I believe that this position allows me to contribute back to the community and I find a lot of value in the work I do.” 

The Union will be continuing to work alongside governing bodies to create new co-chair opportunities with the intention of empowering students to serve their community while building on their own skills as facilitators.  

Faculty, staff, and administrators responsible for decision-making bodies here at TRU are welcome to reach out for more information on the set up, support, and resourcing of student co-chair positions. For students interested in participating in positions like these and in other areas of decision-making across TRU, they are encouraged to apply for the upcoming Student Caucus term when applications open in August. 

For More Information:

Jannat Bhullar

Sierra Rae
University Governance Coordinator