With July 31, 2024 rapidly approaching and the end of another fiscal year nearly here the Union is celebrating its best year ever for the TRUSU Grants program. With over 400 students, from almost every faculty at TRU, supported in attending an academic conference/workshop and over 250 TRUSU Club events funded supporting over 14,000 event participants the program has become a crucial part of the extra curricular experience at Thompson Rivers University.

“It is pretty cool to know that this program impacts students in so many ways by giving them the resources to make things happen, to bring their ideas to life, and enrich the social fabric of TRU” said Chris Pidlisecky, Services Committee Executive Member. “This year alone we funded a Teddy Bear Clinic in nursing, a LAN Party in Computer Science, Robot Building Contests in Physics, Mock Bail Hearings in Law, Study Nights across several disciplines, Career Nights in many fields, and that’s just a small of part of the activities that got funded.”

The TRUSU Grants program operates year round and provides grant funding biweekly to support student attendance at academic conferences/workshops and to support events to enhance to the campus life of Thompson Rivers University. To learn more about how and when to apply for a TRUSU Grant click here!

For more information contact:

Chris Pidlisecky
Services Committee Executive 
TRU Students’ Union 

Mohammad Tabrez
Services Coordinator 
TRU Students’ Union