What is the health and dental plan?

Our Students’ Union operates an extended Health and Dental insurance plan for one simple reason – to make healthcare affordable. If any student were to seek private health insurance coverage, the cost would be too great and the benefits too limited. By pooling our resources together as students, the Students Union is able to offer an extended health and dental plan that ensures you are covered when you need it at an affordable rate.

In accessing the Health and Dental Plan provided by your Students Union, we hope to give you the support and coverage you need to make your academic year as stress free as possible. In supporting you in your health and dental needs we hope to prevent any illness so that all can further focus on your studies.

How much does my health and dental plan cost?

The TRUSU Health and Dental Plan Fee is $248.00 per plan year for a student.

If you are a student and would like to add your partner or dependent onto the health and dental plan there is an additional fee. To opt-in one dependent or partner the fee is $286. To opt in your entire family (partner and dependents) the fee is $382.

Student $248
Single Opt-in  (partner or dependent) $286
Family Opt-in (partner and dependents) $382

What is my plan member ID-00 number?

In order to use your plan you are going to need to know your Plan Member ID-00 number. Your Plan Member ID-00 is derived from your student number. Please review the following steps to formulate your plan member ID-00:

  1. Remove the “T” and leading zeros from your student number (eg. T00012345 = 12345)
  2. Add TRU to the front of the number (TRU12345)
  3. Add -00 to the end (TRU12345-00)
Plan Code Numbers from Student ID
(minus T & leading zeros)
Dependent Code
TRU 12345 -00

What is the Plan Member ID-00 for my spouse or dependent?

If you have opted your spouse or dependent onto the health and dental plan their Plan Member ID-00 number is connected to yours. If your Plan member ID-00 number is TRU12345-00 then your spouse or dependent’s Plan Member ID-00 number would be TRU12345-01 and any subsequent add-ons would be TRU12345-02 and so on.

What is covered by the health and dental plan?

Among other features, the health and dental plan covers health, dental, vision, and travel benefits. A quick overview of benefits includes:

  • 80% of basic dental coverage (your co-pay is 20%)
  • $100 towards prescription eye glasses or medically necessary contact lenses and $60 for one eye exam every 2 benefit years
  • 100% of prescription drugs to a maximum of $3,000 per plan year
  • Emergency transportation up to $500
  • Emergency transportation if you are temporarily out of province and become injured or fall ill.

Click here to download the 2023 Benefits Booklet.

You can also check any specific prescription or medical service and the coverage online by creating an account in the Greenshield Student Centre.

Need to create your account? Find instructions here.

Who is on the health and dental plan?

Every full-time member (9 credits or more) of the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union is automatically enrolled in the TRUSU Health and Dental plan. This does not include part-time students or students studying through TRU Open Learning. If you are a part-time student and would like to opt-in to the Health and Dental Plan see the opt-in section. 

Who is the health and dental provider?

Greenshield Canada is the Health and Dental Plan provider. Click here to visit their website. 

When is the coverage period?

The TRUSU Health and Dental plan covers you from September 1 to August 31 each year you are enrolled as a full-time student at Thompson Rivers University if you are an academic student and twelve months from your program start date is you are a Vocational student.

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