Student Empowerment Award

The TRUSU Student Empowerment Award is given out each year to a TRU student and a TRU employee who demonstrate excellence in empowering students to participate as engaged citizens on campus or in the broader community.

[su_box title=” Jordon Haggerty – Student Award ” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“Jordon’s work on the with the TRU Wellness Centre on mental health resources will directly impact and support our university community. Jordon helped develop a need’s assessment survey that will be sent out to TRU athletes regarding mental health and wellness. She also met with many local professionals who provided resources and education she can share with the TRU student athletes. Jordon’s passion regarding child health, wellness and mental health has been displayed in her involvement in projects and clubs on campus this year.”


[su_box title=” Amy Tucker – Faculty / Staff Award ” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“Once you have taken a few of her courses, you’ll know what I mean when I say she literally changes your life and enhances your overall post-secondary experience. Clearly from my description above, Amy is an inspiring faculty member with a clear passion for teaching and inspiring young minds.”


Student Support Award

The TRUSU Student Support Award is given out each year to a TRU student and a TRU employee who demonstrate excellence in supporting students in pursuing their educational and/or professional aspirations.

[su_box title=”Kayla Sanford – Student Award” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“Kayla is civically engaged. Working with the City of Kamloops, she tactfully interviewed people experiencing homelessness to gather information, which was used to better understand homelessness in Kamloops and help guide the development of social services. Similarly, during the winter and reading break of 2018 and 2019, Kayla visited science classes in Chetwynd, BC to promote the value of pursuing post-secondary education and to inspire students to continue with science-based programs. Today, these students contact her for help with their TRU applications, to get advice for which courses to take, and to say thank you. Last week Kayla finished her final exams for the semester and said she had so much time on her hands she volunteered her time at the COVID-19 vaccination center in Chetwynd, BC (her hometown). This is truly an outstanding student and an individual making a positive difference in the lives of those around her.”


[su_box title=”Terry Kading– Faculty / Staff Award” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“I know many other students past and present, who have gotten their start in their career, or discovered their academic passion through work with Dr. Kading, and I know there will continue to be many in the future.”


Club Leadership Award

The TRUSU Club Leaders Community Service Award is given out each year to a TRU student who demonstrates excellence in community service through club leadership.

[su_box title=”Foster Wynne – Student Award” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“In early 2021 Foster founded the TRU Run 4 Fun club as a way of keeping fellow students socially connected and physically healthy during time of the COVID-19 through the shared passion of running. The club held six in-person group runs as well as three virtual challenges. An end-of-semester prize draw was held and prizes were distributed to four females and four males who attempted the challenges. In the first semester the club welcomed over 30 members and club members were able to explore six different locations around town during the winter semester. ”


Teaching Award

The TRUSU Teaching Award is given out each year to a TRU faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching.

[su_box title=”Ruby Dhand” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“Professor Ruby Dhand has played an integral role in the lives of so many TRU Law Students. Her teaching style has resonated with all the upper-year students and each tru law student has to “unofficially” take one of her classes. This is a so-called right of passage for TRU Law Students. Each class no matter the challenges in the real world she will pour her heart and soul out in every lecture. As a result, Professor Dhand has won the last three (3) Upper Year Teacher of the Year award voted by the TRU Law students. She was also appointed on the student success committee and has been an integral member on that committee and is ensuring the voices of the students are heard at the highest level and students are placed in a certain way that they succeed.”


Student Advocate Award

The TRUSU Student Advocate Award is given out each year to a TRU student and a TRU employee who demonstrate excellence in building political will and/or advancing policy in the interest of students.

[su_box title=” Cicyetkwu Bennett-Dunstan – Student Award” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“Cicyetkwu has been instrumental in advocacy in advancing women in western martial arts, as seen in her work by addressing gender imbalances by education via online presentations. She is presenting again as part of a panel of experts to represent women here on May 23. She is also a strong advocate for the LGTBQ2S community. She has a strong Tic Tok & Facebook following.”


[su_box title=” Craig Jones – Faculty/Staff Award” box_color=”#333333″ radius=”6″]

“Professor Craig Jones has achieved many successful advocacy projects in the last couple years or so. He has spoken up for students and has risked personal growth at TRU and has put students interests first.”