Become a Student Representative

Being a student representative is a great opportunity, but also an important responsibility and requires a commitment. You will be responsible for:

  • Understanding and being prepared to participate in the institutional committee you will serve on. This will begin with a mandatory orientation.
  • Attending meetings of the institutional committee you will serve on – typically once a month for 1 to 2 hours. You will need to read agendas, prepare comments and questions, and seek any help in advance.
  • Attending meetings of the Student Caucus. The Caucus meets four times per year for 2 hours according to this schedule. You will need to read agendas and prepare comments and questions in advance.
  • Providing leadership and outreach on campus – informing fellow students about current issues, and facilitating the Student Budget Consultation.

In total, you will need to commit to scheduled activities and approximately 4 hours of work each week. If you are prepared and excited to fulfill these responsibilities, please complete the student caucus application below!

Student Caucus Application Form

    Contact Information

  • Academic Information

  • Demographic Information

  • Committee Selection

  • Student Caucus Steering Committee

  • Experience

  • Schedule Upload

  • Statement of Understanding