Who is automatically covered?

The TRUSU Health and Dental Plan is automatically provided to all full-time students (9 credits or more) studying at TRU in Kamloops. This does not include part-time students (less than 9 credits) or Open Learning students.

Who can opt-in to the plan?

Part-time students, Open Learning students, and students who have previously opted-out of the plan are eligible to opt-in to the health and dental plan if they wish. Open Learning Students must pay the $75 TRUSU Membership fee. In order to access TRUSU Services students must first be a TRUSU Member. For, students that already on the health and dental plan can also choose to add their partner or dependents to the plan for an additional fee listed in the table below.

In order to opt yourself or a family member into the health and dental plan you can either complete an online opt-in form here or you come to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building and complete a physical opt-in form. In order to complete the forms you will need the names and birthdates of any individuals you are opting into the health and dental plan. After you submit the opt-in form it can take up to three days to activate you or your dependents. Once you are activated you will receive a confirmation email to confirm you have that includes information to assist you in using your plan.

Student Opt-In


Single Add-On (one additional person)


Family Add-On (more than one additional person)


Complete a Health and Dental Opt-in Form Here

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