TRUSU Motion Students Club

TRUSU Motion Students exists to create opportunities for connection, support and community on TRU campus. The club’s students belong to and are supported by the Motion Church family in Kamloops. Continue reading

TRU Law Sikh Student Association

To promote diversity, equity and inclusion by raising awareness within the legal sphere and enhancing access to legal education. Furthermore, our organization is dedicated to fostering a sense of community Continue reading

House of Destiny

House of Destiny is a Christian Club that will meet on specified days to study the Bible together and to get a much deeper understanding about Christianity and God through Continue reading


Focus Club is a club for International Students that meets every Friday evening at 6PM. It is a club run by Christians and Christian volunteers. We are dedicated to empowering Continue reading

Hindu Prayer Club

Hindu Prayer Club

As we know university can sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating, especially for students from underrepresented religious backgrounds thus a Hindu prayer club aims to help build a sense of community, Continue reading

Sikh Club

Creating a safe community for the Sikh’s at TRU, fostering a space of open dialogue and connection in Sikhi. Sikh Club aims to assist international students by providing free langar, Continue reading