What is Academocracy?

Academocracy is a campaign to change the TRU senate structure to give students a meaningful voice in governance. Our goal is to have the provincial government amend the TRU Act in order for our governance system reflect that of research universities in BC. The most significant result of this will be an increase in the number of student representative positions on Senate from four to fifteen. It would also ensure that all faculties and schools at TRU have representation on Senate from students, faculty, and administrators in order to make informed decisions.

Current TRU Senate
TRU Research University Senate

Why Does it Matter to You?

Under our current institutional governance system international and domestic students have been prevented from meaningfully participating in the academic decision making for over fifteen years. This has resulted in many thousands of students having no voice in shaping critical aspects of their education such as setting the university calendar, setting grading structures, and most recently navigating through the COVID-19 learning environment.

What Action Can You Take?

100 TRU Faculty members have already signed letters of support joining the campaign calling for a governance system that includes students from all schools and faculties. But to show the government that this is a change that our community stands behind we need your support as well.

Sign the below pledge now to show your support for better student representation in university governance. If you want to do more, reach out to us at l.douglass@trusu.ca and provide a letter of support as well!