All grant funding is provided based on receipts for pre-approved expenses. In order to be reimbursed for expenses related to an event you must first be approved for a grant. To apply for a grant please click here.

Once you have been approved for a grant you must keep all receipts/invoices related to your approved funding and submit them with a complete and signed reimbursement form. No reimbursement will be processed without receipts. Only one cheque will be produced per application.

Reimbursement Procedures:

  1. Select and download the correct form for the grant you were approved for
  2. Download and complete the form
  3. Attach your receipts or invoices (paper or pdfs – no pictures or screenshots)
  4. Submit the form. Paper forms can be submitted at the Members’ Services Desk. Digital forms can be emailed to
  5. Completed paperwork will be processed and you will receive an email confirmation when your cheque is available.

Documentation Requirements:

  • We are currently allowing photos to be used where absolutely necessary. Your photo must be very legible and include the entire receipt. Photos of crumpled receipts or images that cut off sections will not be accepted. Images from a flatbed scanner are preferred.
  • You can submit a scanned pdf if the entire receipt is visible.
  • Your receipt or invoice must be itemized (show the items you purchased).
  • If saving an emailed invoice or confirmation, select print and then save to pdf to ensure you have included all relevant information. Screenshots of an email will not be accepted.


(Grant maximum of $2,000)
(Grant maximum of $5,000)


If you have any questions about the TRUSU Grants Program please contact our Services Coordinator via email at or by phone at 250.828.5289.