The vision, mission, strategic priorities, and values/culture of the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union outline the purposes of the organization and the guidelines the organization uses to determine its direction. These documents answer the questions: why do we exist, what are we trying to achieve, and how will we go about achieving those things.

What We Do:


We envision a society where every student has access to an affordable, high quality post-secondary education that expands and enriches their life experiences, assists in the attainment of their educational and professional aspirations, and equips them with the tools to serve as engaged and socially responsible citizens.


To ensure that students are valued, and supported in pursuing their educational aspirations.

Strategic Priorities

  • Demonstrate Exemplary Public Governance

The Union will engage in activities that demonstrate and support internally exemplary public governance.

  • Advance the Interests of Students

The Union will build public support for and/or advance the interest of students.

  • Empower Students to Participate as Engaged Citizens

The Union will facilitate student participation in the decision-making processes that allow members to execute their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

  • Support Students in Meeting Their Personal Needs

The Union will engage in activities that support students in meeting their basic personal need for food, shelter, transportation, financial security, and/or health and wellbeing

  • Support Students in Meeting Their Professional/Educational Aspirations

The Union will engage in and facilitate activities that support students in meeting their professional and/or educational aspirations.

  • Foster Campus Life

The Union will bring together students and/or the broader community around shared interests, ideas, and perspectives by hosting and supporting activities that establish social cohesion amongst the membership, develop a sense of belonging to the Union, and/or provide for extracurricular learning opportunities.

How We Do It?


  • Participation & Representation

We believe that students should be an author in their own education. That students not only have the right but the responsibility to be meaningful and active participants in every instance that decision making impacts students.

  • Cooperation & Community

We believe that students have a responsibility to each other and the broader community. That working together and supporting each other is the most effective way to realize our own aspirations and to fulfill our obligations to one another.

  • Equity & Respect

We believe that all students bring a unique and valuable perspective to the table and that all students deserve equitable treatment regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and/or country of origin.

  • Excellence & Execution

We strive to be the best we can and to never be satisfied with the status quo. We believe in the rationally planned and efficiently executed pursuit of excellence.

  • Leadership & Integrity

We strive to lead by example. To lead openly, with integrity and professionalism through service to others.


  • Be Data Driven

Our work will be informed by data collection and analysis.

  • Foster Connection

Our work will build a sense of belonging, ownership, and commitment amongst members, officials, and staff.

  • Build Capacity

Our work will not only serve our current objectives, but will also expand organizational capacity moving forward.

  • Communicate Our Narrative

Our work will foster understanding of our vision, mission, and values amongst the campus and broader community.