What is the Greenshield Student Centre?

The Greenshield Student Centre is the one-stop shop managed by the insurance provider to help you maximize your use of the plan. This is the portal in which you will get all your benefits information, make all your health and dental plan claims, check a claim’s status, set up your payment information, and more. Click here to access the Greenshield Student Centre. 

How do I set up my Greenshield Account?

  1. Visit student.greenshield.ca and select The Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the Login button located in the top right corner of the page
  3. You should now be on the Plan Member Online Services login page
  4. On the right-hand column click the Get a Registration Key button
  5. Enter your Plan Member ID-00 and your First and Last name (Don’t know your Plan Member ID-00? Click here)
  6. Check for an email from onlineservices@greenshield.ca

What is my plan member ID-00 number?

In order to use your plan you are going to need to know your Plan Member ID-00 number. Your Plan Member ID-00 is derived from your student number. Please review the following steps to formulate your plan member ID-00:

  1. Remove the “T” and leading zeros from your student number (eg. T00012345 = 12345)
  2. Add TRU to the front of the number (TRU12345)
  3. Add -00 to the end (TRU12345-00)
Plan Code Numbers from Student ID (minus T & leading zeros) Dependent Code
TRU 12345 -00

What is the Plan Member ID-00 for my spouse or dependent?

If you have opted your spouse or dependent onto the health and dental plan their Plan Member ID-00 number is connected to yours. If your Plan member ID-00 number is TRU12345-00 then your spouse or dependent’s Plan Member ID-00 number would be TRU12345-01 and any subsequent add-ons would be TRU12345-02 and so on. Still need to add your spouse or dependent on to the plan? Click here for information about adding your family to the plan.


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