First Year Student Blackout

Please note that if you are a first year student, your plan date starts on September 01, 2023 but you will not be able to set up your Greenshield Account or submit any claims until after the opt out deadline October 08, 2023 has passed. Please keep any receipts you have from health and dental services from September 01, 2023 to October 08, 2023 as you will be able to make those backdated claims once the blackout period is lifted. If you are a returning student you do not have a blackout period and can both make claims and set up your Greenshield Account right away.

How do I set up my Greenshield Account?

The first time you log on as a new student you will need to set up your Greenshield account in order to access your coverage. The video below will provide step by step instructions for setting up your account.

What is my plan member ID-00 number?

In order to use your plan you are going to need to know your Plan Member ID-00 number. Your Plan Member ID-00 is derived from your student number. Please review the following steps to formulate your plan member ID-00:

  1. Remove the “T” and leading zeros from your student number (eg. T00012345 = 12345)
  2. Add TRU to the front of the number (TRU12345)
  3. Add -00 to the end (TRU12345-00)
Plan Code Numbers from Student ID
(minus T & leading zeros)
Dependent Code
TRU 12345 -00

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