Changes made at the institutional level directly impact students’ educational experience. Many students would like to be a part of decision-making at their university, but it can be difficult to know where that change occurs and what can be impacted. Together TRU works to bridge this gap by matching student ideas and concerns with ongoing campus improvement projects to create positive change on campus. 

Who Is Involved?  

The Student Caucus is the primary body of students involved in engaging in institutional advocacy. The Caucus is made up of over 70 student representatives who apply each year to serve on a variety of TRU governance and advisory bodies. In addition to their roles within TRU decision-making, Student Caucus members can also choose to participate in a variety of Together TRU projects. Our institutional Together TRU partners can come from departments across the institution in any place where there are faculty, staff, or administrators interested in working together with students to improve the campus experience.

How Does Together TRU Work?

Each semester, Student Caucus members connect directly with students through a variety of outreach activities. Students are asked to provide feedback on their educational experience, campus services and support, and to identify any ideas or opportunities for change here at TRU.

Together TRU outreach seeks to identify unique opportunities for collaborative work and to recognize broad themes of student priorities.

Once priorities have been identified through our campus outreach member of the Caucus identify departments at TRU who are related to the areas of priority identified and reach our to them to share the feedback they received. TRU departments then indicate whether they are interested in collaborating on a project in the area of priority identified. For each opportunity that a campus department expresses interest in addressing, a group of students from the Student Caucus will be assigned to work together with them. From there, the collaboration will meet to discuss potential solutions and advance the project.

How Can I Get Involved In Together TRU?

Are you a student interested in participating in your institution’s decision-making? Or being part of a Together TRU project for a campus improvement? Join the Student Caucus! For more information and how to apply, click here.

Are you a student who has a good idea for a Together TRU Project or area of priority in which you would like to see the Student Caucus engage? We would love to connect with you at one of our Together TRU Outreach events. To find the date, time, and location of our next Together TRU Outreach event click here.

Are you staff, faculty, or administrator interested in being a part of a current Together TRU opportunity? Or do you have a potential Together TRU opportunity to propose for consideration? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact our University Affairs Coordinator at 

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