SWISH 3×3 is an outdoor basketball tournament founded and hosted in Kamloops at TRU.

As former basketball players, we value the quality and accessibility of sports, especially basketball. Our supporters and donors (TRU Wolfpack, TRU Student Union, TRU World, Popeyes Kamloops and many others) make our ideas, plans and dreams happen for hundreds of basketball lovers.

For information and schedule, follow us on Instagram (@swish_3x3_kam). All important information will be delivered to captains via email. If you have any questions, contact us, please. We will be happy to help you.

Contact us

Email swish3x3outdoor@gmail.com
Website https://ykanow.perfectmind.com/25204/Clients/BookMe4BookingPages/BookingCoursesPage?calendarId=ab2b60fd-ab14-4b06-a733-290f6e44ad91&widgetId=d24dd43d-a7c4-4342-9a26-bbcd2b299e53&embed=False&singleCalendarWidget=true
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Club Leaders

President Artem Zhurakovskii

Faculty Advisor

Shannon Smyrl
Chair of Communications and New Media program
Faculty of Arts

Upcoming Events

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