On October 29 and on November 19 the TRU Students’ Union worked with Dr. Jeffrey Meyers from the Faculty of Law to host discussions before and after the American Election. These discussions were part of the Union’s Breaking Bread series which aims to build community, share perspectives, and foster connections through small-scale, intimate conversations on relevant topics.

“These conversations were an opportunity for students from across disciplines to share perspectives on the American election while also connecting with a faculty member outside of the classroom,” said Kole Lawrence, Vice President External of TRUSU. “Moving forward we hope to continue offering thought-provoking discussion opportunities for TRU students.”

Questions considered in the discussions included:

  • The impacts of COVID-19 on the election
  • The perceived validity of the election results
  • The role of media in moving forward from the election
  • Impacts of technology on the current political discourse
  • And numerous other topics

The Breaking Bread series has hosted a wide variety of topics including Climate Action at the Municipal Level, Social Justice in Healthcare, Indigenization of Higher Education, and others.

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