Introducing the “TRU Knights & Queens Chess Club” at Thompson Rivers University! Embark on a journey of strategy, intellect, and camaraderie with the launch of the TRU Knights & Queens Chess Club. Nestled within the heart of the university’s vibrant campus, this brand-new club is a haven for both budding chess enthusiasts and seasoned masters. Whether you’re a curious novice or a seasoned grandmaster, the club offers an inclusive and welcoming environment for all skill levels. At TRU Knights & Queens, chess transcends mere pieces on a board; it’s a gateway to mental agility, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. As you navigate the checkered battlefield, you’ll not only enhance your cognitive skills but also forge lasting friendships with fellow students who share your passion for the game. What sets TRU Knights & Queens apart is its commitment to fostering a strong sense of community. Weekly meetups offer the perfect opportunity to engage in friendly matches, exchange strategies, and learn from one another. The club also hosts workshops and tutorials, led by experienced players, to help newcomers grasp the basics and aid more advanced members in refining their techniques. But the TRU Knights & Queens Chess Club is more than just a place to play. It’s a hub of intellectual growth, a realm where the boundaries of the board expand into discussions about the history of the game, its cultural significance, and its applications in diverse fields. Chess-related events, tournaments, and exhibitions further enrich the experience, ensuring that the club remains a dynamic and integral part of campus life. Join the TRU Knights & Queens Chess Club and discover the thrill of every move, the power of foresight, and the joy of outsmarting your opponent. Unleash your inner strategist, make new friends, and embark on a quest for intellectual excellence. Whether you’re a roving knight or a cunning queen, this club welcomes you to a world of endless possibilities over 64 squares.

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Club Leaders

President / Co-founder shams khan
Co-Founder Aayan Zaidi

Faculty Advisor

Yasin Mamatjan
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science



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