Our mission is to unite parents/caregivers who are in pursuit of higher education, in order to build networks of support for those who are raising children/youth while studying. We hope to begin a textbook bank, child care swaps, and a sense of belonging in an environment that is not designed for folks who must prioritize the responsibilities and schedules that come with parenting/ caring for dependents. We have plans to advocate for designated parking spaces like the ones we see at Walmart (it is impossible to make it to an 8:30 class in time after not being able to drop your kids off at school until 8:15). We get it! We are open to suggestions, input, feedback, and all the things. We need to be the change we want to see for our kiddos and young people. We want to support and facilitate the accessibility of higher education as a means of growing and developing a healthy and thriving next generation 🫶

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Email dawn-puzo@mytru.ca
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Club Leaders

Primary Signing Authority Dawn Puzo
Secondary signing authority Emily Wickingstad

Faculty Advisor

Trina Redman
HUMS Field Education Coordinator & Assistant Teaching Professor
Faculty of Education and Social Work



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