Poems and Proses

TRU Criminal Law Club

Interested in criminal law? Interested in pursuing a career in criminal law? Then this is the club for you. We will have a variety of different events throughout the year. Continue reading


Focus Club is a club for International Students that meets every Friday evening at 6PM. It is a club run by Christians and Christian volunteers. We are dedicated to empowering Continue reading


We provide a safe and inclusive space for all 2SLGBTQ+ students and allies to get together and socialize. We provide a welcoming environment for everyone to feel safe to express Continue reading

Poems and Proses

Photography Club

The TRUSU photography club operates with the goal to connect students who share a passion for photography. We welcome both digital and film photographers to come join us for photowalks. Continue reading

Music and Band Club

Whether it’s due to performance anxiety, fear of long-term commitment, or lack of experience, it’s often difficult for young musicians to find and participate in opportunities to play music. The Continue reading

Indigenous Culture Club

A safe space for Indigenous students to share, bond and laugh together. Will do gatherings, workshops and motivational speakers throughout the year Some activities would be beading, ribbon shirt and Continue reading

Baking Club

TRUSU Baking Club has the the simple objective of baking, an artful blend of science and creativity, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people across cultures and generations. Continue reading

Parents on Campus Club

Our mission is to unite parents/caregivers who are in pursuit of higher education, in order to build networks of support for those who are raising children/youth while studying. We hope Continue reading

Nursing Undergraduates Society

The mission of the NUS is to enrich the lives of nursing students professionally, academically, and socially through a variety of activities. These may include educational events, social events and Continue reading

Curling Club

The TRUSU Curling Club aims to promote sport and community through curling. We have a weekly social league that brings together many new and experienced curlers. You don’t need to Continue reading

Physical Activity Club

Welcome to the Physical Activity Club, the perfect place for students at TRU University to engage in fun and challenging physical activities. Our club aims to promote health, fitness, and Continue reading

Hindu Prayer Club

Hindu Prayer Club

As we know university can sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating, especially for students from underrepresented religious backgrounds thus a Hindu prayer club aims to help build a sense of community, Continue reading

Poems and Proses Club

We are a vibrant community of passionate writers and literature enthusiasts at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). Our club provides a supportive and creative space for students to explore the world Continue reading